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Robart GmbH 

RobArt is an Austrian high-tech start-up that enables the vision of "a robot in every home". Since its founding in February 2009, RobArt's approach to the challenge and opportunity of next generation intelligent robots has been to focus on the development of a low cost control unit, which enables industry-leading companies to produce novel robotic products, such as intelligent robotic vacuums, security robots, mobile entertainment devices, or new classes of innovative products.

RobArt's vision is to bring robotic intelligence to every home. Just like every modern household has a washing machine, we believe that in the near future every household will have an intelligent robotic device. This next big step in home automation will offer convenience to people by performing their tasks (like floor cleaning) in an autonomous, reliable fashion. With a team of top ranking scientists of accredited universities, RobArt is going a novel way in mobile robotic home automation.

Concentrating on our core competences our primary goals are:

  • technological excellence to provide best solutions for consumer needs
  • supporting industrial costumers by developing individual product solutions for their markets, providing complete design of electronic components and cost effective solutions for mass production

We are expanding our team with a number of key hires to work with our professional team of experts and are always on the lookout for talented individuals with passion for technology, excellence, and innovation. RobArt offers a fast-paced environment where team members are working on innovative and intelligent solutions for next generation robotic solutions.

If you are highly self-motivated, energetic, and seeking a rewarding environment contact us today.

RobArt is located in Linz, the capital of Upper Austria.